Cheval d'Oc



Arrival Day 

You are met at the Toulouse Airport from midday onwards and are driven to the property, traveling through the beautiful French countryside. 

A welcome glass of champagne will help introduce you to the Inn, and you will then have time to relax and settle into your respective private suites.


Local market & Minerve 

You will discover the local sunday market in the heart of the village at the foot of the roman cathedral.  You will then be driven to the historic village of Minerve, which boasts a 12th century Cathar fort surrounded by deep limestone gorges. Besieged by Simon de Montfort in 1210, this hilltop location affords spectacular views reaching as far as the foothills of the Pyrenees. A fascinating recreation in miniature of the bloodthirsty Cathar rebellion and small museum complete this intriguing visit. 

Port Lligat , Spain - Casa-Museo Salvador Dali.

You will discover the beautiful town of Cadaques, in north east Spain. Tiny, hidden bays line the coast around sleepy Cadaques, creating a series of private beaches near the French border.  You will also have the opportunity, should you wish, to visit the Portlligat Museum-House where Salvador Dali  lived and worked from 1930 to 1982 (pre-booking required). You will then be guided to local restaurants for your own romantic lunch by the Mediterranean before returning to the Inn.


Tour of the local Oulibo Cooperative. 

L’Oulibo olives and olive oils have a rich Mediterranean heritage passed down from generation to generation in southern France. From their passion for cultivating a tree that symbolises peace, these farmers founded the L’Oulibo Cooperative. These plantations render an annual harvest of around 800 tons of olives and 1000 tons of olive oil.

You will spend the day in the largest medieval fortification preserved in Europe today: the City of Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site was inhabited from the 7th century BC making it one of the largest an oldest known settlements in Southern Gaul. Furthermore, the first known Count of Carcassonne, Bellon, appears in a decree of the French Emperor Charlemagne dated 812. 
Although many towns in France boast some impressive fortifications, it is rare to find any with such a complete set as Carcassonne. With its 52 watchtowers, portcullis and extraordinary repertoire of defences, it has seen many armies fail to storm this Camelot-esque setting. Walk the ramparts, visit the Château Comtal, and step back in time all while having your lunch and/or afternoon tea at the only Michelin-star restaurant in the medieval citadel or choose one of the many other brasseries and local restaurants, this incredible fortress has to offer.

You will be driven to the medieval village of Lagrasse, which has been officially labelled "one of the most beautiful villages in France", with an 8th century Benedictine abbey within which monks still reside.  Many skilled artisans’ workshops are located amongst the narrow, winding streets. You will also be visiting Château Villemagne, an established winery producing distinctive Corbieres wines. Upon returning to the Inn, you will enjoy a local wine testing evening complete with French hors-d’oeuvres, desserts and coffee.  

A relaxing day
Our guests usually keep this last day free to enjoy a quiet romantic walk by the canal du Midi, as well as  visit  the village’s historic monuments.  Alternatively, you may also choose to enjoy a game of cards or chess while sipping a glass of a local favorite, Pastis.

Departure Day
After breakfast, you will be driven to the airport. Please note that you will arrive by noon at the latest. We will make sure that any departure flights you have booked on that morning, before noon, will be met.

Antique Fairs: Visits to local antique shops and brocantes are also possible and highly recommended. One brocante is even taking place on the Canal du Midi. Please note however that these antique fairs and flea markets are not available all year round. These fairs have for many years ideal locations for dealers, interior designers and private collectors from around the world. Should you be interested in this activity, please do not hesitate to ask us for more information prior to booking your vacation.